first of all a very good Sunday all of my reader, it has been the long time I did not write any kind of blog because I was busy to do something important but right now I am free to share my thought with you mate.

In order to keep motivated, I have to write every day but what I can do apart from this nothing so I decide to write something about my life experience with you how I am growing day by day.

what does meant to be a success in the life, how to get to know to write path to get know paramount these all topics would be cover in my next coming blog instead of this you can comment what you want to know about that.

I really looking that kind of people who will let to me know about my mistakes could you comment, please.





Long time distance from blogging.

Hi, every one I am back after a long time, actually, I was busy with a few important works. how is going life friends ????  in spite of having a busy schedule I always read your blog never miss out a day every day I open this app and read out the blogs which you have written, but this time I want to writes for you.

Perhaps this journey of life will continue to go with your love and affection I seriously say thanks to good because I have my bloggers colleague with me to motivate and inspire me to do better in the life.

I would be highly obliged if you do please comment and share your point of few with me, what you guys doing nowadays.

A special thanks to all of you.


Way of thinking

The new way of thinking… People earning income through whatsapp Facebook and by twitter most of them is same network but apart from that a Platform is YouTube you can earn money by YouTube just needs creat a channel on YouTube…. if you are going to start startup you can tell me the way that’s wrong or right most of us have completed graduation and master still we are Unemployed don’t worry about I will tell you how you can earn money sitting at home just needs a little effort. if anybody wants any suggestions how to start a new business can ask any question I will tell you the better way how you can grow rich asap. comments me and ask any queries regarding startup e business website develop online selling etc……


way to achieve

I used to do some bad activities before but I did not get anything then I finally I decided I will do  my good things with by heart although it happens or not basically folks give up the hope but I did not. 

perhaps it was that which I am waiting thhings happening good slowly slowly but was something miss out which I had not yet and that was the part of my life.

In order to achieve my goal I did very struggle  but way of doing work was not according the present era basically it is part of our carrier in addition you work I had a problem that was sayin me don’t do anything just love me always but letter decided to left to her..

Now she isn’t part of my life and I am going well but something which I ever miss to her  she always used to me give me time but my life does not give me permission to take time…… 

And finally I want to say that  do whatever u want to do but don’t heart anyone…..



It’s very chilly morning and I am thinking how would be the day because this chilly morning I have hot daydreams I want to avail of this chill morning someone hot always says to me you are very hot that’s why I want to take benefit of my hotness.

She is very pretty heart girl I want to hug her every morning when I wake up she always in front of my eyes seriously she is my everything she has sacrificed her life for me just for my good behavior somewhat I did well for her happiness I also have given everything to her.

Baby, you are my everything just because you are part of my life forever…..

Readers, this post comes after a long while due to some family problem I was busy please like and comments and also suggest me how I can become a good writer.


Love yourself.

Love yourself
Whatever the situation you are facing never ever give up the hope love yourself always, you need to do some work to get over it and definitely, you will get overcome, u wakes up every morning do to the right thing at a wrong time…
Come what may change will come soon just needs to go for it how many time you have given importance yourself even not a single time, get excited about aim keep the focus on achievement.
Point is not that you are loser ur not like a loser awake yourself do better for life, however, time does not seems your side it is easy and effortless…….
At the end of this post, I would like to say if you don’t have a burning desire nothing will change in your life…

you become what you think about.

think and grow rich


Advance Generation

Nowadays the generation of India has been updated indeed it is a good initiative to develop a country like India.
I hope so nearby future we will do better than before, for the sake of country development awareness of new generation is good step because the main reason is the most population of our country living in rural areas for them it is good.
Now they can enjoy good resources and increase living standard and also order to get success in the life, change will come soon in my country,
The way of doing work has been changed, our country young generation working differently from others in every sector…
The varsity of our country doing well work and giving good manager and engineers to the country and also the best politician. So friends who are living outside of India please come back to the country and set up here small and large industry and give work to workless people.
I am invited to entire world businessman in my country to start a business here is a big opportunity to do well and achieve objective here is a big market to do business


Make a millionaire

Make a milliner is not difficult you can do it just needs a positive mindset and self-confidence, there are many instances in this era you can check most of the milliner life, they achieved the target with a positive attitude and self-believe you can do it everyone just needs to grab a good opportunity.
Make a milliner is a too much easy start to attract to folks through new creative way, after some time you will feel a self-confidence and something has changed in your life.

In order to get success in the life self-confidence must be, otherwise, you cannot achieve any target so make a milliner is not tough to everyone build your self-confidence to do something different in this competitive era.