Personal views


Most of us having a big drawback that is backbite often people discuss others without his attendance, that’s backbite it’s not a quality to show smartness to another person I am talking about that bad guy who he is not good enough he has a bad habit or bad behavior.

But my point is different in this case I don’t like much more than type person who could describe others fault front of you I’m sure one day he will expose your mistake front of others, this types folk isn’t authentic being human everyone having this type think…

Perhaps man forgets that everyone has something wrong with itself, I don’t like this type work in spite of having lots of drawback human always human.

What if God doesn’t want to expose so who are you why you people are going against God principal it’s doctrine of our creator…..

at last but not least I would say change your mind do good and get revert good love begets love, a good success doesn’t mind others nonsense talking he keeps focus on his objective.

don’t waste your time friends learn from successful people you become what you think about people has gone in moon you still walking on earth even you are not able to reach on your trace , peep out from your jealous nature give importance to everyone don’t see who is that poor reach educated or not everyone have self respect……


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